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Alpha Wealth Management & Planning, LLC

Employment Transition Guidance

A DISINCENTIVE TO GO BACK TO WORK - An estimated 65%-75% of out-of-work Americans who are receiving unemployment benefits are being paid more money per week than they were receiving pre-pandemic from their employment (source: J.P. Morgan “Eye on the Market”).

Every Thursday brings worse news when it comes to unemployment claims – a number that is continuing to rise each week due to COVID-19. I'm sure you or someone you know have been affected by a recent job layoff or furlough. We'd like to offer you a resource called the Employment Transition Booklet. This resource includes MFS information sheets specifically pertaining to an unexpected unemployment and helps with managing the unexpected.

In this booklet you will gain access to next steps when experiencing a layoff, options for what to do with your assets, and even a guide to help you create a budget for your lifestyle. Please email for a copy of our Employment Transition Booklet.