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Warren Buffett's Outlook on the Pandemic


Due to the outbreak of Covid-19, America is currently facing a crisis that is not only threatening our society but is directly impacting our communities. By “staying home” we are fighting to overcome this pandemic and together, we are making progress without any reduction of strength.


Warren Buffett, a prestigious investor and Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, recently hosted his first ever virtual shareholders meeting, available for anyone to view. Buffett led his viewers to see the pandemic for what it is, a devastating and fatal time in American history that is incomparable to anything we have experienced before; Although, he also encouraged us to have confidence in our country and share an appreciation for all we are doing. Buffett’s optimistic point of view inspires us all and is why he and Berkshire Hathaway are so successful.


Read about how Buffett convincingly discussed one thing we can all do to defeat our economic uncertainty and stop panicking about the future. Whether you are a top investor, like Buffett, or just supporting your local economy, we all have a common bet we can make on America.


Here’s one of his direct quotes:

We haven't forgotten how to make progress in this country. And we haven't lost interest in making progress. And that will benefit to varying degrees of all kinds of people, I think, around the world, but there will be interruptions. And I don't know when they will occur. And I don't know how deep they will occur. I do know they will occur from time to time, but I also know that we'll come out better on the other end.

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