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Tired? Stressed? How to Feel Better!

COVID-19 is the ultimate disruptor, reshaping people’s work lives, family dynamics and finances. No one knows how long it will last. No one knows who’s contagious. And confronting all of these issues at once can cause emotional and psychological stress, affecting ourselves and our relationships.

“It is important to not let fear control your life.”

  • Prepare, don't panic. 

From the news to social media, a lot of information is circulating about the new coronavirus. Some is true, but much of it may be misinformed or only partly correct, especially as information rapidly changes.

Avoid anxiety by turning off the news. 

  • Stay Active!

Exercise truly does boost the immune system. Not only can it keep you healthy, it can also provide emotional relief. Make sure you get enough sleep and rest. Stay hydrated, avoid excessive amounts of coffee and alcohol. 

Whatever gets your heart pumping will help lower your stress and clear your mind. 

Here's a nice article with additional information.

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Andrei Jigalin, CFP®