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Why Women are Better at Investing

May 29, 2019

Did you know that roughly ninety-one percent of women think men are better at investing, yet we have data that says exactly the opposite? In addition, most people would say the best investors in the world are men; however, this too would be wrong. One of the best investors to ever live was a woman! Her name is Geraldine Weiss, and she has been a pioneer for women in an investment world saturated with men. 

Women have proven to be more stable when it comes to investing. They are less exposed to market volatility because they usually do not have the perception that they can control the market as some men tend to act upon. This perception of control tends to cause men to make more trades than necessary.  Meaning they capture less of the upside and more of the downside. There have been multiple studies that found women tend to outperform men as much as 1.2% higher return.

Not only do women tend to be better investors, but also better at saving. This could be largely due to the fact that women earn 87 cents to every dollar a man earns; therefore, women typically value money more and seem to be more conservative with their investments. With all of these things in mind it seems strange that so many women are reluctant to invest. Especially since women typically live longer than men so they should be planning for more years of retirement.

At Alpha’s June event we want to cover some of the benefits of investing and how you can be prepared for a long comfortable retirement. In addition, I want to cover some of the downsides and how they can be easily avoided. The investment world can seem daunting and complicated, but here at alpha we can break it down into a simple plan that has lifelong positive effects.

Join us on June 19th for an evening of Women, Wine, and Wealth. Where you can network and discuss some of the most important aspects of investing in today’s world. Don’t miss out on this incredibly fun and free event! RSVP today on our events page!