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Alpha Wealth Management & Planning, LLC

Opportunities hidden in the Headlines

Yes, the start of the year has been turbulent. Water cooler conversations have been focusing on “I can’t believe how much my account is down” rather than “Did you invest in 'X'?"  

 For the longest time, it felt like account values had been heading in one direction. Up. But once Russia invaded the Ukraine and energy prices surged, the direction of the markets changed.

We’re not concerned about the long-term direction of the market, and when markets are down we need to highlight some of the strategic opportunities available for long-term potential. These include adding money to your accounts, rebalancing, and considering the conversion of some or all of your IRA to a Roth IRA.


Does it make sense to convert to a Roth?

Let us help you analyze if you should consider a Roth Conversion.