Customizable Plans

Financial Planning, designed for you.

At Alpha Wealth Management and Planning, we have designed a financial planning menu so you can choose a customized plan that best suits your needs:

Basic Financial Plan

Ideal for clients who have undergone a life changing event such as a new marriage, career change, or rebuilding their life post-divorce. We help you create a budget you can live with and get you started on the right financial track.

Comprehensive Financial Plan

Designed for individual, joint, or multiple-party financial scenarios. This broad plan incorporates the appropriate single-scenario services, as well as ongoing maintenance and online access to track your progress.

Business or Non-Profit Plan

Customized planning for key personnel, non-profit organizations, or businesses. These plans range from simple to complex based on your company’s needs.

Targeted Planning Strategies

You choose the level of engagement with our financial professionals. This option allows you to build your own financial plan or focus on the areas that are most important to you.

Hourly Consulting

If you’re self-directed in your financial planning and investments, or looking for a second opinion on your current strategy, we offer an hourly rate that allows you to meet with our firm’s designated CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals.

Corporate Trust Services

One of the most difficult decisions clients can make is deciding who to appoint as a successor trustee should something happen to them. Many clients automatically choose a relative to handle these duties, but it’s important to understand what that decision entails. By appointing a corporate trustee instead of a relative, any conflict of interest is removed and the integrity of your wishes is maintained. We offer corporate trust services through The Private Trust Company.

LPL Financial Representatives offer access to Trust Services through The Private Trust Company N.A., an affiliate of LPL Financial.