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Why is it Harder for Women to Save for Retirement?

| February 19, 2019
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Here's Why (and What to Do About It)

First, however, we must clarify that “women” are not a collective group. Each woman is unique in her own right and will have her own personal experiences that may deviate from this list. Additionally, a woman’s individual experience will vary with which stage of life she is in  as defined both by age and life events. 

Many studies suggest that when it comes to retirement, women are saving less and living longer than their male counterparts. As a result, it’s no surprise to find women have lower confidence facing retirement. The good news is thee are plenty of pro-active tips to help your situation. 

Don’t delay planning. The cost of waiting includes higher rates of savings, needing to take on more market risk, retiring later, or worse, compromising your retirement lifestyle. 

How can women address their unique retirement saving challenges? The Motley Fool has some ideas:

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