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Who's Amassing Wealth Faster?

| April 24, 2018
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Women Are Amassing $1M in Retirement Savings Faster Than Men

A new study says women are amassing $1 million in retirement savings faster than men.

Usually when you hear the words “retirement” and “women” in the same sentence, the news is grim. But finally, there’s some positive news: The number of women who’ve reached the $1 million-plus mark in their 401(k) accounts has doubled over the last 12 years, according to Fidelity figures provided to The New York Times. 

Even more impressive? Women actually reach the milestone faster than men do, at an average age of 58½ versus 59.3.

How are they doing it? 

What can you do? Most importantly...Start Now, Simplify, Put Yourself First and Don't Give Up!

Other tips...

Contribute at least enough to get an employer match.

Try to up your contribution by even a tiny bit.

Up your contribution whenever you get a raise.

Send some of your bonus money to retirement.

Details @ Forbes:

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