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How to Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

| May 01, 2019
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                Identity Theft and cyber-crime have been growing at an overwhelming fast rate and are showing no signs of slowing down. Just last year someone in my office was traveling through Europe, with their father, when suddenly both their credit cards were shut down. At first panic set in because with limited cash they believed they may be stranded, but quickly realized their card information had been stolen and was being used for fraudulent activity.

 By the time the credit card company had noticed there had already been nearly $3,000 in fraudulent charges. Credit card fraud along with all forms of identity theft can strike at the most unexpected times, but luckily there are precautions we can to take to help protect ourselves and loved ones from being targeted.

Here at Alpha Wealth Management security is a top priority. We would like to share some of the techniques we have found that worked best and what the individual can do to protect their data and money.  During our Women, Wine & Wealth event on May 15th, we will discuss the main topics on identity theft and the various ways to implement protection.

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