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Happy Independence Day

| June 30, 2014
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Dear Clients and Friends,

All across our great country, families and friends are anticipating the Fourth of July - the long weekend, the travel and adventure, the fireworks shows and fun.  There is also a deeper meaning to the holiday, of course – one sometimes lost in all the activity. 

The Fourth commemorates the fact that we are a free country, a remarkably free one.  More than 200 years after the creation of the American dream, there are still other nations that envy the degree of freedom that we have, and people all over the world who come to America for the promise of a finer life.  That is truly something to celebrate, and a truth that should be remembered year in, year out. 

Enjoy the Fourth!  It’s all about our freedom – and how great it is. 



Andrei Jigalin, CFP®

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