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Happy, Healthy, Wealthy!

| April 04, 2019
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The relationship between your finances and your health status and behaviors is a strong and complexly woven one. Gandhi once opined that, “It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.”

The Centers for Disease Control estimates that a mere 10-percent weight loss would reduce an overweight person’s lifetime medical costs by $2,200 to $5,300 by lowering costs associated with hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, stroke and high cholesterol. Secondly, financial problems can lead to health problems and vice versa, a cycle that can become a costly catch-22. Financial stress can cause anxiety, migraines, insomnia and other physical ailments. It can also mean skipping routine doctor’s checkups, not discovering important revelations about your health and making poor dietary and other lifestyle choices. Over time, this can lead to bigger, costlier health problems, which in turn can produce ever-greater financial distress: higher insurance premiums, overdue medical bills, poor credit history, reduced income for retirement and even bankruptcy.

While money can certainly help you improve and maintain your health, too much focus on earning it can be unhealthy too. So I want to emphasize that you must protect your health—and your wealth potential—by balancing work and play.

Be responsible about your career and your physical well-being, by exercising, eating right and taking time to relax and enjoy life.


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