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Financially Wise

| May 05, 2017
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April 17, 2017

I’m on a mission. I’m on a mission to help create a healthy relationship with your money and to use it to create the life you want.

It started for me at an early age. I remember my mom taking to the bank (later I found out it was a Savings and Loan). I deposited money, $20 I think, and came back later to find out that they had given me thirteen cents just to hold my money for a week. I couldn’t believe it, what a deal! “How can I give them more”, I thought.

Well, I found out later that many people do not think the way that I do about money. My brother recalled the same story, and all he thought was “How do I get the money out of there, so I can spend it!”

I have always been good with numbers, I enjoy helping people. My mission is to help you understand how money works, overcome the fear you may have and help you achieve the life you want.

Andrei Jigalin, CFP®

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