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Transform Your Relationship With Money

| May 18, 2018
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Three Powerful Questions That Will Transform Your Relationship With Money

What beliefs do you have around money? Are your beliefs holding you back? Many people, especially women, are limiting themselves with their thinking. Biases and scripts influence our financial choices. Sometimes this programming causes us to do exactly the opposite of what we should do, even when we know what it is. 

What are your secret beliefs about money and what's holding you back? 

"I’ve seen again and again that changing your mentality around money from one of stress, lack and fear, to one of ease, joy and flow is the first step of moving into the experience of having money. 

Here are three powerful questions that will help you to start shifting your mentality and experience with money right now.

Question 1: How is your financial past impacting your present reality?

Question 2: What would you love to be true about money?

Question 3: How would future you -- who has already reached your income goal — act, think and feel around money?"

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